5 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas 8211 Creative Wall For

The problem with living in a tiny apartment is that it always comes with a small bathroom. What you need are sneaky ways to store all your bathroom necessities without having to install more space. Next, I have listed 5 creative wall storage ideas for a small bathroom to solve the dilemma you have. This list is brought to you.

5. Add Shelves

Shelves are really practical for almost everything, not the least of which is a creative wall storage for your small bathroom. If you have a knack for woodwork then you can do this simple DIY shelf and install it on your bathroom wall. Measure the board of the size of your choice and attach it to a wall with brackets. You can opt for stacked shelves if you think one shelf is not enough. Stash your towels and baskets there or put containers with different shapes to bring dimension to paint them any color you like but it’s best to pick the color that matches your wall to create an aesthetic look for your bathroom.

4. Advantageous Rods

Who says rods are only convenient to hang shower curtains? Instead of placing your shampoo, soap, and loofah on the edge of the tub, you can attach another rod on the wall and hang shower caddies there with S-hooks. This is certainly beneficial to prevent from knocking things off if you tend to be clumsy.

3. Wall Cabinets

Hang an easy DIY wall cabinet to make use of the empty blank space on your wall. You can decide how many compartments you are going to have in your cabinet to store all your towels and bathroom necessities. Moreover, if you want an even easier access, you can choose to make it an open shelving instead of putting a door on it. Paint the cabinet any color that matches your whole bathroom design style. In the end, a completely organized look is what you will get!

2. Peg Rail

Everyone hangs their towels on the back of the bathroom door. If you think the walk from the shower to the door is too long, you can choose to have several pegs line installed on the wall by the sink instead. The top shelves will provide a lot of space to stash your toiletries while you can hang your towels on the peg rails. Before we get to number 1, I invite you to check to subscribe button under this video. If you never press it, click it, include bell icon beside it. Your support means a mood booster to us and that means a lot.

1. Under the Sink

There is a potential storage area under your sink! With the minimal space in your bathroom, you can install a storage unit by mounting it on the wall. It doesn’t take up a lot of your space and totally can be used to store your towels and shower caddies. It’s both enhancing and handy. The size of your storage will determine what kind of stuff you will stash there. If you are thinking of storing your wicker baskets and bins then make it big enough so that it will fit them all. However, if you are only going to stash your lotions, toilet papers, and other small toiletries, then design it with a reasonable size so that it doesn’t make your bathroom look cramped. Stay organized with all these savvy and creative wall storage ideas for the small bathroom we have laid out for you!