Best Computer Desk Gaming Reviews

Hello everyone and welcome to Best Gaming Desks in 2018 where today we’re going to be checking out the top 5 best gaming desks in the market in 2018 I made this based on my personal opinion and I’ll try to list them based on their price-quality durability and more if you want to find out the price and more information about these gaming desks you can check out the links down.

Ok so let’s get started with the Best Gaming Desks in 2018

5. Walker Edison Soreno 3
Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

Walker Edison Soreno 3 gaming desk

We have a walker at this on Serano 3 the walker it is on to surrender 3 would be a great option if you are looking for a spacious and durable desk that will let you place everything conveniently on your side in order to enjoy your gaming sessions from design perspective this arena measures 51 inches in width 20 19 inches in height 20 inches in length and weights around 57 pounds this desk features an l-shaped design that is accompanied by a thick tempered safety black glass attracted by durable steel so you can safely place your PC and gaming gadgets on it what I really like about this desk is its shape which makes it space efficient so you can place it in your room without any problem even if you roam isn’t that large the Sorento is also really flexible and you can notice this especially with the sliding keyboard tray which can be positioned on either side making the whole text readable for any corner of your room however there isn’t any cable management included but you shouldn’t be really surprised since this desk is extremely affordable and for the price attest this is reasonable in addition at the bottom there is a universal autonomist stand for your PC case so you can save more space on the surface for placing plenty of your gadgets and accessories the only view mark I have about these deaths is that it attracts dust so you should clean it more often but this isn’t a huge problem since most of the desks deal with this so-called issue I also want to mention that you won’t waste much time on assembling because the desk comes with a really intuitive step-by-step instruction book which makes everything very easy overall you should definitely take this desk into consideration because of its large space and a Steve looks which makes it suitable for any role.

4. Atlantic Gaming Desk

We have Atlantic gaming death the Atlantic gaming desk is a feature-rich gaming desk that was significantly improve your room organization because of its ability to keep plenty of accessories and peripherals in one place from a design perspective this gaming desk measures 14 point 25 inches in height 26 inches in width 49 point 25 inches in length and weighs around 43 pounds when it is fully assembled the design is composed of a silver metallic steel and a carbon fiber finish on the top which makes it suitable for every decor in addition it has four adjustable leveling feet which offer a high level of stability so it won’t weigh shake during your movement you can easily place up to two controllers a 32 inch monitor or TV that weights up to 40 pounds as well as a charging station and power strip holder for ensuring that your smart devices are going to be fully charged on this desk there is also space for a cold beverage so you can have a more comfortable gaming session while feeling refreshed what I really like the most about this desk are the included wire management trim plates which will help you be more organized and have your desk surface always tidy I also want to mention that regardless if you’re a console or PC gamer that is enough space for storing up to five games two controllers two speakers and a pair of headphones on it which makes it a very good and spacious desk you shouldn’t even worry about this quality in the following years because this desk is made of durable material which will ensure a long years of usage without any problems to conclude if you’re looking for a gaming desk that has enough space for hosting plenty of gaming equipment while keeping you more organized than this gaming desk would be a really good option for you I definitely recommend it to everyone that is looking for a durable long lasting desk moving.

3. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

We have the ROC Aaron and gaming desk the rosy arena gaming desk is an aggressive looking desk which is geared towards esport fanatics and serious gamers want to have a real battle station from design perspective the arena comes in six colors but each of them is unique and looks incredibly good in addition this gaming desk measure 63 inches in width 32 inches in length and twenty seven point nine inches in in height but you can extend it up to 31 points nine inches which is extremely good what is instantly caught my attention it is 14 square foot surface which features a microfiber cloth that is water resistant and a non-slip underside that will ensure a high level of safety during your movements there are three colors positioned at the desk and at the Moskva surface so you can put everything you want lace and have a clean and tidy cable management I also want to mention that the height adjustment process is extremely easy because all we have to do is just loosen the screws find your ideal height and then tighten them back during this process the whole desk will stay stable and you won’t have to worry about anything since a gaming desk looks better without shelves the arena doesn’t include any shelves at all but instead it was designed to keep all of your accessories by your side which makes it look really aesthetically good this means that you can even set up triple screens a PC case mouse keyboard and speakers altogether and still have enough space for maneuvering before we end I want to inform you that the arena is grommet mount ready so you can use it cut outs for installing monitor arms and have an unreal battle station overall the arena would definitely be a good option if you’re looking for an affordable and quality gaming desk which will increase who gave me experience like never before.

2. DXRacer DGD/1000/N

We have the dxracer gaming desk the Diggs Razer is not only known for producing quality gaming chairs but also for their gaming desks which gamers are always searching for from the same perspective the dxracer gaming desk comes in three colors but they all have one thing in common and that is quality large space and an extraordinary wire management support the desk measures 31.5 inches in width and height 47 inches in length and is composed of high-quality aps wooden desk ball and a steel rod frame with a such surface size you can easily place one huge monitor or pair to medium sized monitors along with your mouse keyboard speakers and have enough space for making movements in addition thanks to the 10 degree slope which provides an ergonomic angle you can rest your forearm comfortably and not deal with fatigue after a longer period of gaming this model also has four cutouts which will really help you to be more organized and have a better cable management your gaming station will be really tidy and good looking what I really like about this desk are is trapezoid feet which offer a huge amount of stability and security in form of preventing scratches on your floor you can easily rotate the decorater for 360 degrees and place it anywhere you want in a matter of seconds the decoration have implemented an angle of attack which means that this desk is the ergonomic sir body shape will be compatible with your chair and you can easily notice this during your gameplay the assembling time isn’t that long mainly because of the included instructions which are straightforward and very easy to follow it would take approximately around 30 minutes to pull this area up and have you prefer those attached to it so you can get ready to enjoy a gaming marathon to conclude the dxracer is truly one of the best gaming desks in the market which offers a high level of comfort and a large surface for keeping all different peripherals and accessories around.

1. ApexDesk Elite Series 71

In the apex desk elite series 7 the apex desk elite art series of motorized 71 inches desks that are sturdy enough for delivering stability and ease when it comes to assembling from a design perspective the epics desk elite is available in six different colors of which you can choose your favorite one prom but they are all featuring the same quality and flexibility these desks measures 71 by 33 inches with a high that can be adjusted from 29 to 48 inches with in 1.3 seconds making it a really flexible desk that can be adjusted really quickly the surface is extremely durable at scratch-resistant due to the included MDC core that is paired with a resistant high-pressure laminate which means that you can use it for years without any issue the state, in the beginning, this desk is motorized so it has dual motors with a 225 pound capacity which are positioned on a steel frame which makes it really stable and flexible when it comes to finding your ideal position, in addition, there is also an optimal memory controller which can be programmed to have up to four preset heights for altering the height with only one click on the balance what I really like about this desk is the fact that it is crossbar free this design provides more leg space so you can even place a footrest on the rig and have a more comfortable and convenient gameplay the desk is really tidy thanks to the included two cutouts which are placed on the left and the right side of the desk so you can place your setup and enjoy a wire free surface before we end I want also to mention that the assembly time is really short because this desk doesn’t have any screws so it would take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to fully assemble it overall if you’re looking for a motorized desk that would look like a real petrol station when you place your gaming assets on it then the Elite Series are definitely worthy of considering and I would recommend it.